At Steenkamp Physiotherapists we aim to improve all
our patients' overall function, movement and
general well-being. Our focus is very much on the
individual patient, building up a rapport
and working in partnership with them to achieve
their goal of recovering to full functionality, in
activities of daily living and participation of sport or
regain optimal and pain-free movement

Steenkamp Physio

Sports Injuries
and Rehabilitation

Treating any muscle, ligament, tendon, joint or nerve pain by means of manual therapy, strapping techniques, electrotherapeutic modalities, muscle stimulated exercise with electrical stimulation (EMS) and exercise prescription to return to sport or activity

Steenkamp Physio

General Orthopaedics

(Mostly) Conservative management, pre- and post-operative rehabilitation of any orthopaedic condition according to newest evidence-based protocols eg of post-operative and / or comments below

    • Total knee and hip arthroplasty (seen pre-operatively as well)
    • Knee and hip arthroscopies
    • Post trauma surgery
    • Hand surgery: Carpal tunnel release, De Quverains release, tendon repairs and many more
    • Shoulder surgery: Rotator cuff repair, Bankart repair and many more
Steenkamp Physio

Neck and Back Pain Management

  • Treating any muscle, joint or nerve pain by means of manual therapy (OMT- orthopaedic manipulative therapy) with different techniques (Maitland, Mulligan, McKenzie), myofascial release, dry needling exercise prescription, postural re-training, pain education and ergonomic care
  • Chronic pain and education
Steenkamp Physio

Headache and Sinus Management

  • Treating by means of manual therapy and joint mobilisation with different techniques, myofascial release, dry needling, exercise prescription, postural re-training, pain education and ergonomic care.
    Electrotherapeutic modalities like Ultrasound, and Photizo are also used.
Steenkamp Physio

Temporomandibular Pain and Dysfunction

  • Treating all  TMJ or facial related pain by means of  manual therapy and joint mobilization, myofascial release (external and intra-oral), dry needling, facial muscles retraining by electrical stimulation (EMS)  exercise prescription, postural re-training, pain education, ergonomic care, advice of eating habits and biteplate prescription to decrease pain and regain full range of motion with mouth opening.
  • Post-operative TMJ related surgeries treated by electro therapeutic modalities to decrease pain and swelling, to regain full range of motion with mouth opening to resume normal functions with regards to eating and speaking.   
Steenkamp Physio

Exercise Prescription and Rehabilitation

  • Exercise programme specific to activity, sport, including stretching, strengthening (concentric and eccentric), kinetic chain exercises, plyometric and agility exercises, biomechanical rehabilitation and Pilates.
Steenkamp Physio

Adult and Paediatric Chest Pathology

  • Treating a variety of pathology by means of chest therapy including, postural drainage percussions, vibrations, breathing techniques and exercises and pulmonary hygiene
Steenkamp Physio

Amputation Rehabilitation

  • Assisting in management and rehabilitation of upper and lower limb amputations. To optimize and maintain muscle strength, length and normal range of motion. Functional re-training will include gait re-education with or without assistive devices and prosthetic devices for the patient to function at the highest level according to mobility category.  Advanced rehabilitation and sport specific training is also done. Treatment is provided in conjunction with prosthetist as far as possible to enable a multi-disciplinary approach.

How we work

Step 1

Our out-patient appointments are 45 minutes each, including a full evaluation. Follow-up appointments (45 minutes each) consist of treatment, exercise prescription and patient education through discussing a treatment plan. Referral for specialists or other treatments will be done as required or if no progress is seen. In-hospital treatments focus on evaluation and treatment as prescribed by the doctor/specialist. Further treatment plans will be discussed with the doctor/ specialist and communicated to patients.

Step 2

We encourage patients to wear comfortable clothes. Please come in a few minutes early, to allow for a little time to fill in some forms. The physiotherapist will advise a treatment plan and discuss when follow up appointments need to be scheduled

Steenkamp Physio
Steenkamp Physio

Step 3

Home exercises will be prescribed to assist the healing process and to promote self-management with long-term effects.

Preparing for your appointment

Please bring the following to your first consultation

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